Weight Gain Tips

weight gain tips

Weight Gain Tips

Weight gain in some people is very serious, We can say that losing weight is much easier than gaining weight. There are many reasons that affect the difficulty of gaining weight.

Reasons why we can not gain weight – Weight Gain Tips

1. Starting from Poor food management. The main role in weight gain or loss is poor food management. Weight gain requires a high calorie nutritional balance for our body. Starting with 5 Food rations per day.

2. Ignorance of exercising fitness, Makes a person lose a lot of weight, there are many people who do fitness to gain weight but not knowing how to do fitness makes you lose weight.

3. Our daily activity, In addition to affecting weight loss or weight gain, our daily activity can affect us to take an unhealthy path. For example, people are focused on work and without time they start consuming fast food, and foods that are harmful to the human body.

4. Stress Plays a key role in weight loss or weight gain and in the destruction of the human body. Stress is also the highest influencer or the highest cause that badly affects your emotional and physical condition, It also has many negative effects, Affects faster aging, helps in the growth or development of diseases, in hair loss. There are many things that can cause stress.

5. The thyroid gland that is present at the base of our neck Plays very important roles for the loss of our body weight or prevents us from gaining weight. The thyroid produces three hormones where these hormones are related to Sleep, Metabolism, Heart Rhythm.

6. Sleep Plays A Great Role For Weight Gain, Weight Loss And Sleep-Food-Exercise Have The Key Role For A Healthy Life.

How to Gain Weight

Weight Gain Tips

1. Starting with good food management, Regular Consumption of Daily meals with the right amount of calories.

2. Doing Fitness Helps You Gain Weight Healthily Balancing Exercises – Food is the main key to weight gain.

3. Sleep We need to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a row.

4. Try to make our lives a healthy Routine, Find Ways to manage ourselves and when we are at work
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5. Get Rid of Stress. Read the Article: How to Get Rid of Stress

6. Are Always Happy and Continue the Path You Have Started.
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Foods for Weight Gain

Weight Gain Tips with Food

Consumption of whole eggs Both egg white and egg yolk.

Oats in association with Fatty Milk 3.5

Dishes with White or Wholemeal Bread.

Pasta accompanied by fruit
like banana avocado, Spaghetti accompanied by healthy Sauce …

Almonds are high in calories and have unsaturated and healthy fats.

Walnuts Contain many calories, and pure unsaturated and healthy fats, in
addition to many benefits they also have omega-6

Dark chocolate is very preferable for weight gain.

Fruits like Avocado, Banana, Dates, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Cranberries and many other fruits are very preferable for weight gain.

Peanut butter is very healthy and helps a lot in weight gain.

Various smoothies such as combinations of oats, bananas, milk, dark chocolate, eggs, avocados, peanut butter and many types of smoothies.

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