Black seed medicine that cures every Disease

black seed
Nigella sativa Black Cumin seeds (kalonji)

Black seed medicinal drug that healing procedures every disorder

remedy OF coronary heart issues: Take half tablespoon of black seed oil mixed with any hot drink, under the influence of alcohol each day inside the morning this could make the veins and arteries dilate. avoid fatty foods
2. at the restoration OF pain: Ibn al-Qayyim in his book – Zadul Mead – within the unique section on Prophetic medication, he stated: pain.

the second manner: “painting the vicinity of the headache via rubbing with oil of the blessing grain (black grain).
The 0.33 manner: “mix the juice (oil) of the blessing grain with olive oil and this compound is instilled inside the nose through drops.

Black seed

3. FOR THE treatment OF MIGRAINE:
Taking the oral dose and alertness on the brow or at the painful part. avoid overeating candies.
4. again ache & other RHEUMATIC ache: reasonably heat Black Seed Oil and apply intensively at the ache place. Drink a teaspoon (5ml) of Black Seed Oil three instances a day.
healing might be finished within a few weeks.

five. ANY MUSCLE ache: rub down with black seed oil.
6. TO remedy COUGH & bronchial asthma: Rub your chest and lower back with Black Seed oil, and drink a teaspoon (five ml) of Black Seed oil inside the morning, midday and night.
additionally pour teaspoons of black seed oil into boiling water and inhale its vapor.

7. at the restoration OF THE pain in their enamel, THEIR MEAT, THE THROAT AND THE ALMONDS: Ibn al-Qayyim said: from the bloodless ”.
the opposite way: “The liquid received from the boiling of the blessing grain is used by rinsing the mouth, however additionally by means of gargling, then with the blessing grain oil the throat is smeared at the outside and it is inebriated to lubricate the tonsils on the internal.
consume a spoonful of boiled blessed grain by chewing it and swallowing it sober.

eight. FOR THE therapy OF DIAREAS: blend a teaspoon (5 ml) of Black Seed oil with a tumbler of yogurt, drink the aggregate 2 times an afternoon for 3 consecutive days.
nine. FLU & nose blocking: four drops of black seed oil in every nose.
10. hearing: All ear problems, such as infections and ear ache in addition to terrible listening to: warmness black seed oil and permit it cool, then pour 2 drops of oil at the ear.

eleven. FOR THE remedy OF high blood pressure (excessive blood stress): A teaspoon of black seed is blended with a glass of lemon juice and inebriated two times a day until the symptoms disappear.
Or to each type of warm drink add some (three to 5) drops of black seed oil.

second way:
Take ½ teaspoon of black seed oil and drink it warm at any time and you may get 2 garlic cloves on an empty stomach.
12. EYE illnesses AND VISIBILITY: half of an hour before going to mattress lubricate the eyelids and eye skin with black seed oil. it’s far most appropriate to drink and the mixture which consists of a teaspoon of black seed oil in a tumbler of carrot juice on the same time and with the coating. The outcomes will appear inside the first month.
13. anxiousness & stress: Pouring a few drops of this oil in a cup of coffee calms the apprehensive system.

14. slicing & LAMBING: A small spoonful (5 to 10ml) of black seed oil followed via orange juice, drink each day for 10 consecutive days after breakfast in the morning after which you will see a trade in your self immediately.
15. ACTIVATION OF memory AND ability TO understand: A small spoonful of black seed oil observed by means of one hundred ml of boiled mint (water wherein you’ve got boiled mint, drink every day after breakfast in the morning for 15 days in a row.

16. coronary heart diseases: Drink natural Black Seed Oil followed with the aid of a warm liquid eg tea. This enables to soften fats, open veins and arteries.
17. IMPOTENCE (SEXUAL weak point): two hundred gr of ground black seeds (be cautious no longer oil but floor in any respect) combined with 50 gr of olive oil, plus one hundred gr of floor male gum, plus 50 gr of ginger oil, plus 50 gr of oil of black seed, plus 20 g of black seed honey, then blend all of it. Used three instances a day {inside the morning lunch and dinner}, after bread from a massive spoon.

18. FOR THE treatment OF concept: A teaspoon of black seed oil is mixed with honey and introduced to hot drinks which include tea and drink.
19. FOR healthful FACE AND pores and skin: mix lightly (in mass) each Black Seed oil and olive oil.
Rub your face with the aggregate and leave it like this for about 1 hour, then wash it with cleaning soap and water and you will be aware that your face shines.

20. stomach troubles: Drink a tumbler of milk mixed with black seed oil (5ml so a teaspoon) three times a day for five days.
21. IN frequent VOMITS: A teaspoon of black seed oil and a teaspoon of ground cloves is poured into boiled mint juice and inebriated from this mixture 3 instances a day within the morning, lunch and dinner after bread. The dose is suggested every time we have common vomiting.
22.  DIABETES: mix a glass with the leaves of the WaterCress flower, a glass of Black seeds, half of a pitcher of pomegranate peel, and half of a glass of Fumaria leaves. Grind them until they emerge as like powder. Drink 1/2 a teaspoon of this mixture with a teaspoon (5 ml) of Black Seed oil before eating breakfast for about 1 month or every time you have got concerns approximately rising blood sugar.

2nd manner:
Take half of teaspoon of black seed oil twice an afternoon inside the morning with hot water.
23.  HAIR LOSS OR FOR MASTERS earlier than TIME: Rub the hair roots with lemon juice and depart for 15 minutes. Wash with shampoo (or preferably with black seed soap) and water very well. Then apply Seed oil. black on the roots of the hair.Repeat this for some weeks.

24.  Dandruff: blend 10 ml of black seed oil, 30 ml of olive oil, 30 gr of mehindi powder. warmth for a while and after the paste becomes cold, follow and after an hour rinse with shampoo.
25.  KIDNEY, STONE AND URINARY STONE: 1/four kg Habe Seude seeds (black light) 1/four kg honey Habe Seude (pure black honey) Black seeds are floor properly and mixed with the black bean honey [Habe Seude] and tablespoons of this aggregate pour into a half of-filled glass of heat water followed by using a small spoonful of black seed oil. Drink each morning for a month.

26.  most cancers: (Bowel cancer, blood most cancers, throat most cancers, and so on.): Take a tumbler of grape juice, add ½ teaspoon of black seed oil and drink in the morning before bread and after lunch. Take 1 kg of barley and a pair of kg of wheat flour, blend together and make bread and deliver to the patient for forty days. keep away from the potatoes.
27.  storm: half of tablespoon black seed oil with 2 tablespoons honey and hold it on the tongue twice a day.

28.  TUMORS: Lubricate the infected elements of the frame with black seed oil and drink a spoonful of black seed oil once an afternoon for 15 days in a row.
29  HEMORRHOIDS: blend black seed oil with olive oil in same amounts and every day, drink three tablespoons mëngjes within the morning, lunch and dinner. Over a duration of 10 days. With this mixture, rinse the throat before going to bed as soon as in three consecutive days, and devour 3 figs each day for per week.

2nd way: Black seeds can best be fed on with food.
30.  MENINGITIS: Inhale the vapors of black seed oil and drink 2 teaspoons (10ml) of black seed oil with lemon juice every morning and night.
Or just consume black seed every day.31.  WHITENING OF THE pores and skin (SEALS locations): Rub the diseased location with apple cider vinegar i fermented apple juice} and then with black seed oil each day for 15 days in a row.

32.  in opposition to FACIAL PARALYSIS AND TETANOSIS: Inhalation of steam of boiling black seed oil, enables in opposition to facial paralysis and tetanus and eliminates its causes.
33.  PEPTIC ULCER (stomach ulcer): Drink the advocated dose: Fifteen mins earlier than breakfast and dinner, take a small spoonful of black seed oil and pour it into a pitcher half filled with lukewarm water after which discard a large spoonful of honey (honey is excellent to be black berry, or any other type of honey). After blending well, drink this every day for a length of 3 months. avoid the usage of sour fruits along with: (lemon, sour orange, etc.).

A mild rub down from the out of doors with black seed oil is suggested, in addition to the consumption of pomegranate at the side of its internal skin.
34.  FOR recovery OF THE heart AND BLOOD movement: it’s far really helpful to drink black seed oil inside the morning and in the nighttime.

35.  VOMITING: Take 1/2 tablespoon clean ginger juice mixture with identical amount of black seed oil, twice an afternoon.36.  stomach WORMS: blend 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1/2 a teaspoon of black seed oil two times each day earlier than and inside the afternoon for 10 days and do now not eat desserts.

37.  difficulty IN MENSTRUATIONS:
38.  SAMPLING, stomach removal: Take one tablespoon of ginger juice and 1/2 teaspoon of black seed and drink two times a day. This remedy is also beneficial for obesity.
39.  Leucorrhoea, White discharge, Menstruation 2 to four instances a month, belly ache, anus ache): Take two glasses of water and boil with mint add a tablespoon of black seed oil. Drink earlier than breakfast and after dinner for 40 days. keep away from pickles, eggs and fish.

40. EPILEPSY: Take a pitcher of warm water and upload 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of black seed and use it twice an afternoon. avoid bloodless food, bananas & figs in the course of remedy.41. FOR STRENGTHENING THE HUMAN IMMUNITY: devour black seed with milk each morning and evening
42.  FOR THE DISSOLUTION OF ACIDS: a few drops of black bean oil are poured into a tumbler of hot milk and then sweetened with yeast and inebriated.

forty three.  at the treatment OF PARALYSIS OF THE FACE: Ibn Qayyim said: If oil is used of blackhead through the nose, benefits towards facial paralysis.
44. FOR THE cure OF DISCHARGE: A big spoonful of black bean oil is poured into a yoghurt and under the influence of alcohol. This therapy is taken regularly for 3 days till the bowel movement stops.
forty five. FOR THE cure OF pores and skin diseases (marks on the skin): The vicinity of the skin in which it is sore (there are marks) should be painted every day.forty six. ​​on the recovery OF THE INTESTINES: Ibn Qayyim said: Black seed reduces the moisture (sourness) of the stomach.

forty seven. FOR immoderate THICKNESS: mix 2 tablespoons of ½ teaspoon of honey and black seed oil in heat water and drink 2 instances a day. Do now not devour rice.
48. FOR belly WORMS: blend 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1/2 a teaspoon of black seed oil twice a day earlier than and in the afternoon for 10 days and do not consume desserts.

49. FOR immoderate VOMITING: Take 1/2 tablespoon sparkling ginger juice aggregate with identical quantity of black seed oil, twice an afternoon.
50. FOR treatment OF RHEUMATISM (rheumatism): warmness a little black seed oil and apply at the complete area. Rub the bones now not the pores and skin and drink 1/2 a spoon for 30 days in a row.

51. For the remedy of cases of sexual weak spot:
need 2 hundred gr of completely overwhelmed black grain (powder), 50 gr of olive oil, one hundred gr of overwhelmed wax (male tree wax), 50 gr of completely black oil, 50 gr of ginger oil (Arabic salad, in English rocket or eatercress) as well as two hundred gr of natural honey. those mix properly collectively and the training uses a teaspoon after every meal. This cure restores pastime even in case you are aged.
different suggestions: Black seed may be ate up with many kinds of ingredients, a number of a good way to be mentioned underneath:
1- With Soup, 2- With exclusive Salads, 3- With different Dishes, 4-With Qushmtë, Yogurt…
five- With Honey, 6-With water, 7- you may use it at any time of food…


children beneath 12 years of age use half of the adult dose.
now not encouraged for kids underneath 5 years.
no longer endorsed for use through pregnant women, for the duration of pregnancy the oil is used handiest for outside use.
The summary changed into made with the aid of Dr. Ahmed El-Qadi a Muslim medical doctor in the us.

Black seed carries unsaturated acidic oil, crucial oil, nutrients and a spread of other substances important for the frame. It has already been tested that the unsaturated acidic oil contained in Black Seed has a effective impact at the frame’s metabolism, boosts immunity and stops allergic reactions.
The seeds comprise about 38% carbohydrates, 35% diverse oils, 21% albumin and the rest consists of extra than a hundred specific materials.

To be cited are: unsaturated acidic oils, Linoleic acid, alpha-Linoleic acid, critical oils (nigellon, alpha-pinene, etc.), nutrients (B1, B2, B6, Folic Acid, Niacin), minerals (iron , calcium, magnesium, zinc, and so on.) and amino acids.

capabilities of unsaturated acidic oils:
• assist the body’s metabolism
• needed for cellular increase, improvement and renewal
• help within the development of hormones and the formation of a healthful nervous and hormonal-shielding gadget.
• Inhibit the addition of substances that ship allergic indicators
• stop the immune (immune) cells from working too tough.
• Blood cholesterol is again to everyday ranges
• save you blockage of arteries through regulating their structure and at the same time the speed of blood circulation
• decrease blood pressure and decrease the hazard of hardening of the arteries and heart attack
• assist heal wounds quick
• The human body does now not produce these oils and is pressured to take them from outside, 1gr. Black Seed oil is sufficient for daily needs.
vital oils like Nigellon and alpha-Pinen widen the airways, relieve coughing, prevent pus, and stop pain. Used often, it lowers blood sugar.

vitamins B1, B2 and B6 play a position in the manufacturing of enzymes and support the immune system. Folic acid reduces the risk of stress and coronary heart disorder, it’s also vital in mobile renewal. Antioxidants which includes nutrients A, E, C and Beta-Caretin, toughen the body’s defense device.

in addition to the effect that Black Seed has on the immune gadget, metabolism and hormone improvement, it simultaneously cleanses the body of harmful substances called pollution, strengthens blood movement, facilitates with intestinal function and will increase the shine of hair and skin. Lowers blood strain and temperature and plays the characteristic of antibiotics. it’s far pretty effective in opposition to allergic illnesses like asthma and pollen hypersensitivity.

For the effect it has on the immune machine, it’s miles really helpful to use it in sicknesses inclusive of AIDS, most cancers, etc.
notwithstanding these advantages of Black Seed, it’s miles hard to live out of the attention of the western world. In latest years in Europe and america there’s a demand for this seed. In German pharmacies Black Seed is already found in its authentic shape as a seed, oil or tablet

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