Weight-reduction plan with potatoes and cheese: each day half a kilo much less

In composition, potatoes resemble bread, whereas in composition of nutritional vitamins and mineral salts it resembles greens. Potatoes include massive quantities of potassium, which is a crucial factor for the human physique.

Potatoes, the perfect meals for an efficient eating regimen with out damaging results

New discovery that exhibits that potatoes are a really appropriate meals for the eating regimen, given the truth that boiled potatoes include solely 26 energy and have nice dietary worth.

Scientists have thus rejected a examine revealed just a few days in the past, which demonstrated that individuals who plan to start out a eating regimen ought to first exclude sugar from meals, after which the carbohydrates the place potatoes had been launched.

This can be a large mistake as a result of boiled potatoes include solely 26 energy and the profitable functioning of a profitable eating regimen is that the longer you’re feeling full the much less you have to meals.

Individuals ought to eat complicated carbohydrates like potatoes and never muffins that give the physique short-term power and trigger the necessity for meals.

Potato offers the sensation of satiety and you don’t want fixed meals. Organically grown potatoes have extra benefits subsequently ought to be chosen.

“Potatoes give the physique the power it wants for regular functioning. With out power there isn’t a regular motion, thought, digestion or stability.

In current research, the potato is mistakenly certified as a vegetable, which weight loss man and harms dietary meals whether it is a part of it.

Quite the opposite, specialists say that boiled potatoes ought to be one of many fundamental greens within the menu of people who find themselves on a eating regimen.

Weight-reduction plan with potatoes and cheese: each day half a kilo much less

Collectively or combined in a single salad, potatoes and cheese are an incredible combine. These meals collectively are fairly wealthy in protein and amino acids. The proteins that amino acids give us are important for the formation of proteins, for the regeneration of muscle tissue, nerves and tissues. Eggs, fish, dairy merchandise, beef, and to a lesser extent potatoes are wealthy in protein. Due to this fact one of the best combine could be that between vegetable and animal proteins. In case you mix potatoes and dairy merchandise, or potatoes with eggs each day you should have half a kilo much less. Whereas on a eating regimen, eat no less than 1 liter of water, natural or inexperienced tea, and low.


1 orange, 40 gr. boiled bacon, or 50 gr rooster or 2 small items of cheese.

11 o’clock

1 massive kiwi and 11 gr. carbohydrates

Lunch and dinner

Dish with potatoes and cheese

The afternoon

Combine 250 ml of milk with a spoonful of bran

Dietary worth: 90 energy, 1 gr. fats, 9 gr. carbohydrate.


Recipe for dish with potatoes and cheese

Baked potatoes with cheese: soften 30 gr. of bacon and add a tablespoon of oil, then add one other finely chopped onion, 200 gr. of sliced ​​potatoes bake them however they need to at all times be recent. Place 50gr of recent yellow cheese on prime of it, cowl the bowl till the cheese melts. Serve with a inexperienced salad, three tomatoes with a tablespoon of oil and vinegar.

Dietary worth: 360 energy, 15 gr. fats, 36 gr. carbohydrates

Cream-soup from potatoes and cheese

In 300 ml of water put 200gr chopped potatoes, 100g carrots. Combine the peeled greens nicely and place them on a low warmth, the place you add 50g of cow cheese, combine them with parsley.

Dietary worth: 330 energy, 10 gr. fats, 40 gr. carbohydrates

Potatoes within the rind with melted cheese

Combine two tablespoons of bitter cream with chopped parsley. Put the most important potato within the peel and coat it chilly with cream. Add 50 gr of melted cheese and serve all with turnip and cucumber salad.

Dietary worth: 360 energy, 16 gr. fats, 31 gr. carbohydrates

Dutch salad

Reduce 200 gr. potatoes, 40 gr. edema, a cucumber and 30 gr. bacon. Then combine the substances of two tablespoons oil, a bit of vinegar nicely and serve with inexperienced salad or parsley.

Dietary worth: 360 energy, 14 gr. fats, 34 gr. carbohydrates

Baked potatoes “Mains”

Combine 2 tablespoons oil with a tablespoon of vinegar, add salt and pepper and a finely chopped garlic. Reduce into a number of bigger items 125gr. cheese and pour within the marinade, whereas 200 gr. of potatoes minimize into cubes, boil 2 tablespoons oil and wait till a colour is obtained and serve with cheese and turnips.

Dietary worth: 360 cal, 9 gr. fats, 31 gr. carbohydrates

Italian potato salad


Divide right into a circle 200gr. from boiled potatoes, 2 tomatoes and 50 grams of cow cheese. Put these substances alternately on the plate, grease with oil, lemon and even vinegar, spices with parsley or basil.

Dietary worth: 350 energy, 14 gr. fats, 32 gr. carbohydrates

Hawaiian Potatoes

200 gr. from the boiled potatoes bake it with a spoonful of oil till it turns yellow. Kind the composition into items and place on a low warmth. Serve with two pineapple spirals, warmth a bit of, sprinkle with parsley, serve with turnips.

Dietary worth: 365 energy, 15 gr. fats, 42 gr. carbohydrates

Potatoes within the oven

Put 200 items of potatoes in a tinted pan. Place parsley on prime of the cheese till the cheese begins to soften. Serve with a salad of cucumbers.

Dietary worth: 350 energy, 16 gr. fats, 33 gr. carbohydrates

Potato soup

In 300 ml. clear broth put a bit of saffron. Chop 150gr. from boiled potatoes, 2 leeks and warmth them in broth. Serve the soup with an egg divided into 4 components, with parsley and cheese.

Dietary worth: 336 energy, 12 gr. undyed, 36 gr. carbohydrates

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