What should we do for a healthy heart?

healthy heart

What to do for a healthy heart

– As I said in Heart Disease, Causes and Should What Should We Do? which foods are not good for a healthy heart, Now we will explain what is good for a healthy heart.

Starting with food for Healthy Heart

* Fresh plants
* Black beans
* Resveratrol
* Salmon
* Ton
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Walnuts
* Almond
* Tofu
* Orange
* Spinach
* Carrots
* Elbi
* Oatmeal
* No pounds
* Coffee
* Cherry
* Boronica

– All of the above are very healthy for the heart, which contain carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals.

What activity should we do for a better heart?

Walking – walking at a normal load rate with a walking speed of 45 to 65%, in 45 to 60 minutes, Helps the human body burn fat, and makes the cardiovascular system work by circulating blood faster and more good

Bicycles – Riding a bicycle for 35 to 45 minutes in the fresh air, at a rate that the body can resist, makes the cardiovascular system work, Strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons.

Swimming – swimming is one of the best sports that puts the whole body in function and human metabolism can be done with a person who takes care of it.

Only attention never alone

Exercises you can do at home.

– You can do exercises to place the largest cardiovascular system and the house.

To climb and descend the stairs, do 3x 15 repetitions. or rather to do as much as necessary with the doctor’s advice – because we cannot know what problem we may have with the heart.
* You can take a chair and sit on it and get up from it. is a highly used exercise in the world by fitness trainers to put the heart into action.

Attention – For all exercises, And things that in the show should not be done without the knowledge of the doctor. Because those who have heart problems need to know the level of the load.

While those who do not have heart problems but want a healthier body, can do those exercises I showed above, as well as running, walking, swimming and many different activities.

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