What Damages Our Heart?


What Damages Our Heart?

Heart The most valuable muscle in the human body.

The Heart is the Main Organ in the Human Body it pumps Blood and makes its Circulation throughout our Body. Man in the Body has 94,000 to 120,000 Thousands of blood vessels in the body.

Why is our Heart Poor?

Mismanagement of our daily routine makes us have a weak heart. which Starts from malnutrition, Not regular sports activity, Smoking, Air pollution, Global Warming etc … So man destroys himself.

Foods That Damages our  Heart.

Fast Foods: are Harmful Foods.because they are made with saturated fats, fats that are harmful to the human body and is Processed Foods.
Fast food: Hamburgers, toast, ketchup, mayonnaise, Butter processed with various additives.

Red meat: Animal products have saturated fat Red meat should be avoided because it has a high percentage of fat. {should be consumed in certain amounts weekly}

Carbonated Drinks: Avoid carbonated beverages such as Coca cola, Fanta, Pepsi, Redbull because they are processed beverages with many additives, and have an increased amount of high sugar which is harmful to the human body.

Steroids: Beware of Steroids, Drugs, and Other Harmful Things That Destroy Human Life and Body, Steroids and Drugs are very harmful to the Human Heart.

Healthy Foods for Heart?

Tomatoes: They are Healthy Foods for the Heart, They are antioxidants, they have Vitamin A and C, they also have a large amount of lycopene, it is a substance that gives color to Tomatoes and lowers bad cholesterol.

Dark chocolate is also very healthy for the heart, we say for those chocolates that do not have added sugar.

Tuna: It is very positive for a good heart because in addition to the many benefits it has, it also has Omega-3.

Walnuts: Contains unsaturated fats, Contains omega-6 and many other benefits …

Other Foods: Olive Oil, Black Seed, Cereals etc …

How Does Physical Activity Affect the Human Heart?

Physical Activity and Healthy Eating is the Secret to a Healthy Heart. Doing Physical Activity 45 minutes to 60 minutes a day makes a person lose fat in his body, with the loss of fat LDL cholesterol {cholesterol that adversely affects our body, g Removes from our body, We have more power, Immunity stronger, our heart gains stability and capacity Much stronger to cope with daily life, sports activities, you feel much stronger etc …

What Physical Activity to Do?

Sports Walking: Walking at a high pace causes the Heart to start working faster, Blood Circulation increases and starts burning excess fats. Walking is preferably 60 Minutes a Day.

Running: Doing Running 30 to 45 Minutes a Day, Affects the Gain of Stability of the Heart, Muscles, Metabolism, etc … 30-45 Minutes Running affects the burning of Fats and Carbohydrates.

Bicycles: Making 60 Minutes Bicycles in Nature with Clean Air, It’s the best thing, Bicycles activate the Cardiovascular System but also introduce into the system a large Local and Religious muscle group, In addition to affecting high Calorie Consumption , Muscular Strengthening, It also affects the Strengthening of tendons and ligaments

Hiking: is the Best Way to Have a Healthy Life Hiking has a very positive effect on the human body in addition to taking the Muscular System to another level and the Cardiovascular System, Affects the Strengthening of Hemoglobin, High Altitude Air is Very healthy for our Body.

Fitness: Balancing fitness with food is the key to a Healthy Life doing 45-60 Minutes Fitness a day, Has a great Impact on Health, Social life in Human Life.

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