Remove Depression with Physical Activity

Remove Depression

The importance of physical activity

Physical activity

improves overall blood

circulation, increases blood flow to the brain and levels of noradrenaline and endorphins, which can reduce stress, improve mood, have a calming effect after exercise, and as a result improve performance. The health benefits are also building strong bones, healthy joints, strong heart, good mental health and prevents the main concern – overweight.

Remove Depression With Physical Activity

remove depression

-Also affects the physiology of the brain by increasing: blood capillaries, blood circulation, oxygenation of the brain, production of neurotrophins, growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus (center of learning and memory), transmitter level, development of neural connections , the density of the neural network and the volume of nerve tissue.

– These physiological changes relate to improved attention, improved information processing, maintenance and restoration, and increased sustainability.

– There is a growing number of evidence suggesting that high levels of physical activity reduce the risk of incidental depression (depression from individual life events). Lack of cardiorespiratory exercises seems to increase the risk of depression, suggesting that physical activity and fitness play a key role in preventing depression.

– Useful physical exercises against depression
Exercise has an effective treatment in the fight against depressive disorder.

– Dr Chad Rethors and Dr Madhukar Trivedi, of the University of Texas, give him a single physical workout or a combination of other counseling services for patients with this depressive disorder.

– In tire analysis, researchers show specific care for physical combat practice in order to obtain a positive anti-depressant effect.

– It seems that physical exercise can reduce depressive symptoms in patients. Sport is a therapy suitable for patients whose symptoms do not improve with medication.

– For patients suffering from deep depression, the solution is gymnastics. 3-5 exercises per week for 45-60 minutes are recommended.

– Patients may experience an improvement in their depressive symptoms from the fourth week of practice.

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