Heart Diseases and Causes

Heart Diseases

Tips for a healthy heart

Heart and function

– The heart as a muscular organ plays the role of the pump which pushes the blood into the circulation. The heart, arteries, veins and capillaries form a closed blood system. Arteries are elastic blood vessels that drain blood from the heart. Veins are soft elastic elastic vessels that bring blood to the heart. The work of muscles and other organs draws blood through them. Blood capillaries are the thinnest blood vessels through which nutrients are exchanged in the blood.

– In newborns the heart weight is about 20g, in adults 250-350g. In old age the weight of the heart falls, In the human body, the heart is located in the mediastinum, 2/3 on the left and 1/3 on the right of the center.

– The purpose of the heart is to pump blood to the organs and tissues of the body that need oxygen and nutrients. The heart pumps throughout the day to circulate blood throughout the body. On average, a circulating red blood cell will pass through the heart every 45 seconds. If you start exercising yourself, your heart will start pumping faster to supply the muscles that work with the increased amounts of oxygen and nutrients they need.

Heart Diseases – What foods are harmful to the heart?

* Red meat
* Fast food
* Processed meat
* Fried foods
* sugar
* Drinks with additional sweeteners
* pizza
* Distant carbonated drinks

Learn about red meat

– Red meat has very good ingredients like creatine, iron, and some of the vitamins like vitamin B12, it is also good to keep the muscles from falling out of shape, and give strength, but it also has its side if the excess is very negative.

In people with heart disease, some are not allowed to consume, while others may consume a certain amount.

Red meat can clog blood vessels or arteries because it has a high percentage of fat

Attention: For people who complain of heart failure, they should consult a doctor or physician to eat red meat.

Learn about fast food.

– Saturated fats have a direct link to heart health, as they are very much like ketchup ingredients, mayonnaise as well as food there does not have a good baking because it is fast.

Irritated meat

– Sausages, bacon and pasta have a high salt content. Just a thin slice of bacon contains half the recommended daily amount of salt. It is enough to know this about processed meat to avoid it


– If there is one ingredient that patients who suffer or are at risk for heart disease should eliminate, it is sugar.
* Causes memory loss or loss

* Poverty of the body by mineral salts

* Increases blood acidity – the cause of the tumor

* Causes sleep

* It greatly increases the work of the liver and poisons it.

* Produces fatty acids

– Drinks with additional sweeteners

– Drinks with extra sweeteners with extra sweeteners, These are the drinks that children consume the most, because the extra sweetener gives a better taste. But it also gives children worse health.

– Pizza

– Pizza is one of the most consumed and best-selling foods, but it does not have a good health effect. We can’t say we stop eating pizza, but we should consume less, for example 1 time in 2 weeks

Why? Because pizza has a lot of fat and not healthy fat, it has a lot of dough, salt and saturated fats that are not good for the human body.

Get rid of fizzy drinks

– Carbonated drinks may not have fats, or as it is written on them with “zero sugar” But their production is favorable for the human body, because they also contain chemicals.
For example, the head, in addition to having gas content, has a large amount of sugars, where there is a chemical staining, etc …

Exercises For a Healthy Heart.

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