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healthy children

Healthy Children

Physical activity  Proctets children from chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Evidence-based data are also appropriate to conclude that physical activity has beneficial effects on plasma lipid levels and lipoprotein levels, on non-traditional cardiovascular risk factors (endothelial function) and in some components of mental health ( self-concept, anxiety and depression).

– Lack of physical activity in children is a risk factor for many health problems, such as high blood pressure, weight gain, increased body fat, bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) which is a risk factor for disease heart, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, and bone health problems.

Aerobic activity enables breathing to be deeper and the heart to beat faster. Bone strengthening activities make bones stronger, therefore, they are especially important for children, as these activities produce a bone strength that promotes bone growth and strength. Activating balance and lengthening increases physical stability and flexibility, which reduces the risk of injury.

– Moreover, the health benefits of physical activity extend beyond physical health, it also has a positive impact in the areas of motor skills, psychological well-being, cognitive development, social competence and emotional maturity.

– Children who are more physically active demonstrate more attention span, greater speed of cognitive processing and perform more standardized academic tests.

– Physical activity gives children the opportunity to have fun, be with friends and family and improve their ability to participate in stronger physical activities or sporting events. I can also improve the social skills that can result in academic results: children learn to cooperate and follow rules and thus feel more connected to school and community.

– It also provides opportunities to enjoy activity in a social environment, improves sleep quality, reduces the feeling of lack of energy, helps children meet new friends, becomes flexible, improves physical abilities, improves physical self-esteem, increases relaxation and enables increased growth. healthy and development.

Physical activity for Healthy Children

can reduce stress, change mood, affect alertness and attention, and improve school achievement. The ability of physical activity to “activate” and produce more positive mood has been widely reported. Exercise allows children to feel good.

– Studies show that frequent participation in sports after school hours in adolescence is associated with a high level of participation in physical activity in adulthood. In men, adolescent participation in ball games, strong endurance sports, track and field, and martial arts were associated with a very high level of adult activity. Also in women, the participation of teenagers in ball games increases the participation in ball games even in adulthood. Participation in sports at least once a week among women and twice a week among men is associated with a high level of physical activity in later life. Adolescence’s participation in strong endurance sports and some sports that require and encourage diverse sports skills seem to be more beneficial in relation to increased physical activity in adulthood.

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Healthy Children

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