Exercises that help us increase immunity


Exercises that help us fight the Corona virus and other Viruses.

Fight Viruses with Exercises

– Exercises increase blood circulation, as blood circulation increases, our body begins to be cleansed of bacteria that cause various inflammations.

How does this happen?

– At the moment we start doing a different sports activity In our body begins to circulate blood with a flow or a larger level, And so enters the function Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Metabolism.

– So the moment the human body begins an activity from the initial state to that at the highest level begins the cleansing of the Bacteria from the airways, Then the human temperature rises and then the sensation begins. that we have in our body Ton.

– And Exercise also makes the cells much more elastic or immune and more effective in our body.
– Also at this time the pandemic coronavirus virus man has more stress and feels mentally weak.

What happens if we do 35 to 45 minutes of exercise a day?

– In addition to removing toxins, bacteria, excess things from our body such as fats, sugars that are excess in our body, we also stimulate the hormones of happiness in our body, you feel calmer, you feel more positive, you feel much more healthier and happier.

This is because Exercise is anti-depressant, we fight stress, depression and make you feel much better …

What exercises should we do per day?

– The elderly to do at least one walk at a slightly higher pace than average. after a good walk to do and a rise and fall on the stairs of the house or in a place that has a normal average affordability high for the age it has
Example: 3 times with 10 degrees.
Then do a good muscle extension.

– For an Average Age Take a walk at a high and good pace for at least 25 minutes. After walking, it is recommended to sit and stand, for example, take a chair and sit up 5 times out of 8 repetitions with a break between sets …

– For a good Youth age It is recommended to do a good run at an affordable pace for the current capacity, which is 3 times 10 minutes with a break 3 minutes after the end of the first series.

* To do Squata, Abdominal Muscles, Posterior Muscles, Leg Muscles. or else do full body exercises. But with a restriction of local exercises.
* Also play bicycles Play games like basketball, or any favorite game of the person but that puts the body in a good motor activity

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