What is Aerobics and what effect does it have?


What are Aerobic exercises and what effect do they have?


– Aerobics is a type of exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training. The main purpose of gymnastics is to increase the strength, flexibility (mobility) and cardiovascular capacity of the body. It is basically performed in groups, through music and in the presence of an aerobics instructor.

– Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, explains that we are dealing with types of exercises with different program content with a very favorable impact on the functioning of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. The requirements of aerobic exercise are:
• Engaging large muscle groups,
• Duration of at least 20 minutes,
• Proper exercise intensity (60-85%) of maximum heart rate) and
• Movement with cyclic characters.


– The positive impact of this can be, in the opinion of the authors, classifying them into five main groups and its subgroups:
• Impact on functional skills,
• Impact on motor skills,
• Impact on anthropometric characteristics,
• Impact on cognitive status,
• Impact on conical status

Functional Skills:
• Aerobic programs affect development and advancement, improving all components of functional status, with particular emphasis on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Applying aerobics programs in middle age and old age slows down the deterioration process.


• Aerobic programs affect the development and advancement of all segments of motor status (Kravitz bp. 1993), which of course finds direct application in daily life, increasing power in order to perform as easily and as much as possible. possible. the quality of daily chores.


• Aerobic programs greatly affect the improvement of anthropometric characteristics, play an important role in reducing body weight and subcutaneous subcutaneous tissue, as well as increasing muscle mass.


• Aerobic exercise requires a certain amount of concentration, it also requires a certain amount of motor knowledge by activating the necessary amount of motor intelligence.


• There are assumptions that aerobics programs have a positive impact on personality traits and that participants in these programs adapt positively, adapt to environmental conditions (group work).

Recent research on the effects of Aerobics on human health.

• Dutch researchers at Wegeningen University have found that physical activity lasts 30 minutes. per day reduces the risk of death by 37% more than smoking (35%) and healthy eating (23%).

• Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle have shown that high levels of physical activity in the first three months of pregnancy significantly lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

• Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania have found that women who were physically inactive in middle age have more health problems. Among the most active women, only 37.5% face health problems in daily life, while 59.1% of women who were physically inactive had such problems.

• Scientists from the University of Glasgow have proven that practicing gymnastics accelerates healing from breast cancer and enables faster return to the daily pace of life after recovery.

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