The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise in Health

Aerobic Exercises

The benefits of aerobics Exercise in Health

Regular aerobic exercise promotes good health by stimulating healthy blood and heart flow, as well as lung function.

Increases the health of the arteries
Increases the stability of the body
Improves Human Health
Increased respiratory efficiency
Keeps you healthy and stable
Improves the efficiency of the body
increases motor skills
Regulates metabolism
Increases mood
Slows down the aging process
Strengthens: Muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones

– In addition to the above, if you exercise at least 20 minutes a day of aerobic exercise, you will not have problems with depression and you will be much happier with the things around you.
Health brings happiness.

How Does Aerobic Exercise Affect Children?

Aerobic exercise has a great positive effect on children, helps the child to have a better physical and mental development, promotes a much better health.

Benefits Of Bringing Aerobic Exercise To Children

protects them from Attack on the heart
Develops Motor skills
Develops Psychic Skills
Affects His Physical Development
protects them from Attack on the heart

What should we keep in mind when working with children?

We have to be careful in the place or gym where we work with children because it has to be a suitable place, the terrain has to be soft and suitable because children are delicate and can be easily injured. With Children you can start Exercising from the age of 5-7 years, But with a special training plan, And with maximum care.
Shoes should be adequate to avoid injuries that may occur.

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