How to start Training in the Gym

How to start Training in the Gym

How to start Training in the gym

We can start training in the gym in the morning or in the afternoon. It depends on the goal, what effect we want, we want weight gain, or weight loss.

Exercises in the Morning, Affect more for weight loss, For the reason that We end the exercises in the morning, We forget the calories, And then we do not have the proper rest for the muscles to rest and we consume the right calories, For the reason because during the day we have and many other daily activities such as: Our work, other daily activities, etc …

Exercise in the Afternoon Helps us to gain weight, because we do not have any other daily activity, or any other obligation, and so after the end of the workout the muscles rest and we can have a much better diet and muscle relaxation.

How to start Training in the Gym

In the beginning we have to start with a Muscular Warmth, the Warmth can be Local and Regional, Dynamic or Static, It also depends on the Exercises that we will Execute or better The goal we want to achieve.
After a Good Warmth, it is preferable to do a Muscular Extension 3 to 5 Seconds.

Exercises We can start with free weights or fitness machines. Exercises with machines are more preferable for beginners because there is a way and Execution can be more accurate than with free weights. And so we can avoid the injuries that can happen to us from Not Knowing.

What to Exercise?

Weight training. You can start with lighter weights and longer repetitions. Rest between sets is 45-60 seconds and affects the increase of muscular stability.

Exercises with heavy weights Start with less repetition and rest to be between 60 and 90 seconds between Series. 2.5 to 3 minutes during exercise change.

Also If You Want To Lose Weight And Build Your Body, Do A Joint Exercise, Cardio – Weight Exercises …

What Is Important?

Exercise Completion Completes with a maximum Muscular Extension with a break of 25-30 Seconds for the Trained Muscle.

How to start Training in the Gym

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