How does stress affect our weight?


The reasons why a person is not losing weight are numerous.

Factors that affect not losing weight:

Poor training management
Poor food management
Poor sleep

Are there other factors that could be even more serious?

Thyroid: The thyroid gland that is present at the base of our neck, produces three Hormones. Where these three hormones have to do with sleep, metabolism, heart rate, etc … This hormone very often affects weight gain where it makes it harder for you to lose weight. (There are also many other hormones)


Stress: May be one of the main causes of weight gain or weight loss (depends on human metabolism)
Some people find a way or way to fight stress in the way of food and so start consuming uncontrollably and foods not suitable for human metabolism.

Stress also slows down your metabolism people when they have mental loads or Stress makes the metabolism burn fewer calories.

It is the main Cause that disturbs your sleep leaving you in deep thoughts.

Stress is also the highest influence or the highest cause that badly affects your emotional and physical condition, it also has many negative effects. Affects faster aging, helps in the growth or development of diseases, hair loss …. and many, many harmful things in our body.

How to Get Rid of Stress

1. First of all you are modest calm down because everything will be done well and will be fixed, do not forget to rely on GOD because always after the difficulty comes the relief.

2. Do Physical Activity, Physical Activity as one:
Walking in the Nature
Running (running greatly affects the hormones of happiness).
Do bicycle
Do hiking (hiking is the best way to get rid of thoughts, stress, monotony Weekly)

3. Talk to a friend, it is very good to talk to someone who understands and supports you.

4. Remember to Eat Healthy Always, Healthy Eating imposes a healthy life.

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