Potato – its dietary worth

February 21, 2021 admin 0

Potatoes and their composition Potatoes are very wealthy in carbohydrates (sugar within the type of starch) and nitrogen (protein), nutritional vitamins and mineral salts, and […]

L-Carnitine Protein

What is L-Carnitine Protein?

September 19, 2020 admin 0

What is L-Carnitine Protein? L-Carnitine is a compound produced by the frame from lysine and methionine. it may be acetylated to produce Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR), which […]

Whey protein

What is Whey Protein

September 19, 2020 admin 0

Whey protein? Whey protein is a collection of proteins located in whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking. whilst a coagulant (commonly renin) is added to take […]